I had a strange sort of revelation today and it pretty much started out of nowhere.  Most good things in life come about that way, I’m certain, which is why I’m a huge advocate of wandering around aimlessly for as many hours in a day as possible.  Seriously  – I beg you to tell me that what you do with your waking hours has more merit than the simple golden pontential of discovering something which (or someone who) might completely change the course of your life.

Life is often described as a flow, a river, a linear event with ebbs and currents which you don’t control.  Likely, it is a good metaphor.   I know there is much in life I don’t choose but rather happen upon.  If life is a river, with ebbs and flows though, I know now more than ever that I’m aiming for the rocks which make it whirl and bubble have turbulent wakes…

The thought I had today was a simple and clean one – just a simple truth which I’m pleased to finally discover – and that is, I’ve experienced rejection in every way I can possibly imagine, and it doesn’t hurt at all.  It doesn’t scare me, it doesn’t rule me, it doesn’t hold sway over any decision I will ever make.  I’ve experienceced it in business and careers, in love, in friendship, in real estate, in family.  I have found, gratefully so, that each rejection and door slammed in your face means new doors open.  It is like clarifying butter – the bits that settle to the bottom get strained out and tossed away and what’s left takes a lot more to burn and it tastes better…

Rejection is one half of life polarizing in front of you – whenever there is a negative, there are positives – which you aren’t seeing if you dwell too long looking in the wrong direction.  I see it now that way, for no particular reason, but I’m grateful for all my failures…



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