horrific mistakes


There are, I am realizing, games I do not wish to ever play or become competent at. There are games that have no real reward to them, other than some strategy specific to them only.

I don’t particularly care for things like that – learning that placed properly on some grid, the word ‘STULL’ (it really, apparently, is a valid word along with ‘QI’ and ‘EDH’, though unlike things such as ‘EXO’ which isn’t), and can be turned into some phenomenal amount of points, along with the word ‘POO’ and ‘HEN’…

I suppose I am sophomoric and petty when it comes to it – and I’d be the first to admit, that probably, likely, in many ways I am. I am more patient, yet less patient for certain other things than ever before. It is a chasm. I see it everyday and watch it grow. I do not mind it happening and I do not resist the polarity it has in sorting out all the arenas of my life. It is completely OK and valorous to kick the things that cause you needless frustration to the curb, I think. Especially after the age of 45.

It isn’t as if I want to stop learning or trying – I do not. I would rather do things that have real meaning, instead of learning words like ‘STULL’ how to place them on a grid and gain maximum points… It’s probably the same reason I’ve never learned to play chess, or cribbage, poker or any other cerebral game – something about them isn’t quite as fascinating as discovering a bald eagle on a tree in your back yard, watching an osprey eat a fish, having a barred owl swoop your head and drag its talons across your scalp… It’s just the way I am wired I suppose. I don’t like some things, and sometimes when I dip my toe into them for a moment I realize even more, that I never will. It isn’t at all that I am afraid of trying anything – sometimes I just realize that there are far better versions of the unknown…


2 thoughts on “…stull…

  1. Words with friends can bite me!

    Posted by Matt burgess | January 28, 2014, 2:59 am

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