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One day, Buddha finds himself in New York City. He suddenly realizes an unquenchable desire to experience what it is to eat a hot dog. He walks over and joins the line up to the cart, savoring all of the different aromas swirling about his head – the wet asphalt, the steaming buns, hot dogs simmering in a broth-like water, fresh chopped onions, mustard, relish… Finally, his turn comes. The vendor asks, “whaddya want?” Buddha stands, and smiles and ponders his decision. For a very long while. The vendor interrupts again, “Aaaand – we’ve got people waitinnnng… What’s it gonna be?” Buddha stands and smiles and gazes into his eyes and says, “Yes – I know what I want. I want you to make me one with everything”…


So the vendor hands him his hot dog and says, “that’ll be eight bucks”. Buddha hands him a twenty dollar bill. The vendor takes it while turning to take the next persons order. And then another, and yet another order. Finally Buddha asks – “may I please have my change?” The vendor turns to him and looks squarely in his eyes and says, “Don’t you know anything? Change must come from within…”


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