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…the 1%…


I recently watched a video about the top one percent and the accumulation of wealth – how much ‘they’ have and the ‘rest of us’ don’t was pretty much the whole point – to an astounding degree. Something popped into my head, as a result.

I am pretty much a simpleton when it comes right down to it. I don’t see things the way others always do, which is sometimes a detriment, sometimes an asset. Our worst flaws, I think, are also, oddly, our very best features. The conundrum of life. It only ever depends on how you look at it.

As frightening and looming as the gap is in the wealth accumulation of the dreaded 1% and all of the rest of us looks to be on paper, in graphs, it doesn’t concern me so much. There will never be an equal distribution of wealth or buying power, no matter how much some people would like there to be. The only thing that really matters in any economy or applies to any individual isn’t the amount of cash you have, or the distribution of it; it’s the ability to create your own wealth. In my estimation, therein lies the rub…

Because all wealth is created – ideally. It’s based on the idea that you take one thing and, either by labor or thought, you turn it into something tangible and useful, or at least somehow valuable to another. It is the ability to do that which is truly the hallmark of freedom. It presupposes property rights, freedom of expression, that one can operate, to as large a degree as possible, unfettered and as creatively as they imagine. That you can make whatever, whenever, wherever, whatever you want if you can buy the materials to do so and put the effort into transforming it. To that end, it really doesn’t matter if there’s only one dollar in circulation – the only thing that really matters is how small you can divide it.

Because an economy is always changing, if there’s only one unit of agreed upon trade, the finity, the quantity doesn’t matter so long as it is fixed. The only thing that really matters at all is if it is divisible into ever smaller fractions. That’s what a powerful economy is and why a growing and free economy – i.e. people with property rights, able to provide services and products that others value, is such an amazing concept. It not only creates wealth for the person providing a service, it makes the currency more valuable for anyone holding it…


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