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…another pig roast…


Years ago, before and after I graduated from architecture school, I worked for a firm that specialized mostly in commercial work. Kmart stores for the most part. I found it heartless and disappointing. I always found myself running away from aspects of it, finding that some tasks were tantamount to eating large spoons full of mayonnaise for no particular reason. Something inside of me rejected it wholesale – like a liver transplant gone awry – I just couldn’t face it any more. Eventually I wormed my way into the other realm of the profession – residential architecture. It’s the place I realized some tolerable aspects – or at least ones I could fathom. In commercial work you almost never meet the end user. By chance if you ever do, you find the building is largely irrelevant to them – it’s only ever, and at best, a back drop to what they really use it for – shopping for crap! It’s transient space. You come, you go – you don’t really notice.

Residential is completely different. You work almost always with people who are the end user and that means they’ve an emotional attachment to it. It’s the place they come to at the end of a day – a day maybe consisting of spending hours in soul-less chasms like Kmart or some cubicle someplace – it’s where they find solace and unwind and untie things and let them hang out and drape in folds of nappy flannel garments… It’s where they live, not just a place they go. It was, and still is, intimidating work. People live differently, certainly from the ways that I’ve lived, and it’s a strange place to find myself making recommendations to them when I can’t even manage some of the simplest tasks in my own world… It helps that I realized over the years I’m emotionally driven. I don’t make decisions that are rational or sensible – when I do my system revolts – I make them based on what I think is going to make me, or others, feel good. Both in the long term and the short term. Life only ever makes sense to me that way. Some people don’t understand that.

It’s the reason why I do utterly irrelevant things like this blog, and cook – even insane things like roasting pigs for fun, inviting neighbors and random friends to show up. It’s not for me – it’s for them – for the sake of the pig, too – to hear people laugh and have fun and enjoy conversations with strangers. I live for things like that. It inspires me and makes feel as if I’m doing something purposeful instead of existing. I like believing that I’m corrupting the world somehow, in a better way…


One thought on “…another pig roast…

  1. Yet another wonderful read! Wish I could there & be ‘corrupted’ by the aromas, the fun, the laughter & surprises of all the wonderfully deliciousness of the great food !

    Posted by seabreezelouise | April 5, 2013, 2:45 pm

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