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…the magic of olives…


Too many people who cook get caught up in all of the wrong things sometimes, I think… They talk about Thomas Keller and his recipe for fried chicken and somehow the earth stands still in some sort of epiphanic moment for them…

Without a doubt, there are highlights to my life on this earth, though they’re entirely different. I’ve been staring, too much lately, at the bottle of olive oil on my counter – a part of my mise en place – which leaves me reminiscing about being in Rome, wandering aimlessly out of the ruins of the Forum and finding an olive tree with fruit. I picked one off – of course! – and ate it, in spite of the warnings that it would be bitter and awful… It was slightly astringent, but mostly a perfect blend of grass and pepper and fat. I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

I just cannot help but think of how magical it is that a tree of wood, living in dirt and subsisting on water and sunlight can somehow create such a glorious and tasty fat from all of it. It boggles my mind in fact – far more than what someone does when they fry a chicken….


One thought on “…the magic of olives…

  1. So true! And I don’t even know of Thomas Keller; it is true that far too often we think of well known chefs as being better than the ingredients with which they cook!

    Posted by seabreezelouise | December 21, 2012, 3:24 pm

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