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…dinner guests…


The other night at dinner with a mutual acquaintance, I suddenly found myself quizzing him in the manner I usually resort to. I like this sort of thing. He’s talking about being retired now, and how much he enjoys it, so I begin asking him about his retirement party…

His boss took him out to dinner, he tells me.

“Did you like your boss?”, I ask…. Silence. It’s golden and speaks volumes. Before he can answer, I’m asking about the dinner…

“Where did you go?”…


“On Alki, or Redondo?”


“What did you order? And did you have a few good drinks on his dime?”. Silence again. Pondering and recall, and finally he says he doesn’t remember…

I ask him about his last day at work, if anyone threw a party for him. I genuinely want to know these things, if only to know if being out there, working for a paycheck and a 401k really is worth it. He thinks I’m being a smart-ass, as does everyone else at the table with the exception of the two attorneys, who are admiring my cross-examination skills. One admits to such, the other is just watching and grinning with arms folded across his quaint little pro-temp judge belly…

He tells me about his last day finally, about the plaque he was supposed to get – everyone gets one – a sort of outstanding achievement award, in the area of excellence thing. He recounts how he saw it on the corner of his bosses desk at lunch that day, and later in the afternoon, and then at the end of the day when he went in to say his final farewell. It was never given to him, and neither was the retired employee badge to allow him discounts at various honoring places…

In the back of my mind though, I’m thinking of who would be cool to sit and dine with. Wondering, if I could pick and choose, who would it be. Immediately I think of two people. One because they’re a spectacle beyond anything I could imagine; Mario Batali. The other, perhaps the greatest genius of all time. A person who nobody knows, who created something so unique it literally blows my mind every time I put on a pair of pants; the person who invented the zipper…



2 thoughts on “…dinner guests…

  1. You blow my mind! This one is really funny, and sad at the same time… But it made me laugh most of all! Like I said earlier – inquiring minds must know!

    Posted by seabreezelouise | December 21, 2011, 3:18 am

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