…finding life…


Sometimes things just hit me and I think they’re really profound. I don’t know that this is really profound, but it’s intriguing enough to me to think about it for the better part of a day and half.

It seems like it’s all too easy to spend ones life running away from the grim reaper. The fear of death, an ugly or humbling one, perhaps – seems to drive and motivate people far too much. Myself included at times. The thing is, no matter what, it eventually finds us. All of us. You can live the most pristine life – never drink, never smoke, eat all the right things, practice all of the healthiest of regimes, and still, you’re as vulnerable as the next schmuck out there.

The profound thought? Sometimes when you stop running away from death, suddenly life seems to find you. When you run from the inevitable, you run from fate, destiny, and opportunity. You slam doors shut trying to avoid one thing that’s frightening, and you close out all the things that make life beautiful…

I think the grim reaper, and the angel of life are one in the same. Because when you start living as you’re supposed to, you’ll never fear death at all…


2 thoughts on “…finding life…

  1. Tom~ I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. You brighten my day! You are an amazing writer! Thanks for always sharing your thoughts. đŸ™‚

    Posted by Michelle Johnson | July 23, 2011, 5:57 am

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